Excel Countif function guide

Here are simple steps to follow with the Excel COUNTIF function. COUNTIF is a function that counts how many cells contain certain data. Example: we can count how many cells contain the word "Man" in the image below.

COUNTIF Excel example 

Make a following table to Excel. Let's find out how many women and how many men are there on the first column?

Excel Countif function guide

1. Select the first cell under the heading Women. Click the fx button under the Ribbon and search for COUNTIF function. Double click the countif function from the search results.

Excel Countif function guide

2. In the opening dialogue, click in the area field and select the first column. In the condition field write "Woman" and click OK. You should now see the how many cells contain the word Woman.
Repeat this for men.

Excel Countif function guide

This is how your table should look like:

Excel Countif function guide

If you want to do it manually, here is the syntax.

Note: depending on your regional settings, use comma (,) instead of semicolon (;) as separator.

Count number of women:


Count number of men:


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